Helix Bot

Helix is a constantly evolving multitool bot capable of handling all your servers needs.

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Helix Command start with h! | Type h!help in a Discord text-channel to view Helix's list commands.

[] means the argument is optional. <> means the argument is required. Don't include them in the command.

Fun Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
achievement Post a minecraft achievement with the specified args. h!achievement Hello! mcachievement
advice Ask some advices from the advice generator machine. h!advice No Aliases.
ask Ask Helix something and she will answer for sure!. h!ask Do you like me? 8ball
bingo Play a simplistic Bingo game. h!bingo No Aliases.
codejoke Tells a funny joke about programming/coding. h!codejoke No Aliases.
coinflip Flip the coin. h!coinflip No Aliases.
dadjoke Tells a notfunny dad joke. h!dadjoke No Aliases.
dice Feel lucky and want to roll the dice? Feel free to do that. h!dice No Aliases.
doggo Want some dog dose? This is the right command! h!doggo dog
fox Want some dog dose? This is the right command! h!fox No Aliases.
foxgirl Posts an anime fox girl. h!foxgirl No Aliases
kitty Want some cat dose? This is the right command! h!kitty cat
knockjoke Tells a knock joke. *notfunny* h!knockjoke knock-joke
mathfact Tells a random math fact. h!mathfact No Aliases.
meme Get updated with our noice :B:epic memez h!meme dankmeme
norris Tells a random Chuck Norris joke. h!norris chucknorris
rr Russian roulette command, good luck surviving! h!rr russianroulette
sfwneko Posts a safe-for-work neko image. h!sfwnake No Aliases.
ship Ship 2 users between them. h!ship @user @user
h!ship @TeXusAK @Max
No Aliases.
spongify SpOnGiFy ThE tExT h!spongify <args>
h!spongify helix is not trash
No Aliases.
stupid Tells how stupid is the mentioned user. h!stupid @user
h!stupid @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
trumpquote Tells a trump quote. h!trumpquote No Aliases.
wouldyourather What would you rather from the 2 options? h!wouldyourather wur
yearfact Tells a year fact. h!yearfact No Aliases.
yomama Tells a yomama joke. h!yomama No Aliases.

Core Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
choose Make the bot choose between 2 options. h!choose <option1/option2>
h!choose Mom Dad
No Aliases.
join-role Join in an available self-assignable role. h!join-role <roleName>
h!join-role VIP
No Aliases.
leave-role Leave an available self-assignable role. h!leave-role <roleName>
h!leave-role VIP
No Aliases.
photo Posts a daily photo. h!photo dailyphoto
rate Let Helix rate something. h!rate <text>/@user
h!rate life
h!rate @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
remindme Set a reminder. h!remindme <time> <args>
h!remindme 30m Work on Helix
No Aliases.
roles-list Shows the list of assignable roles. h!roles-list No Aliases.
rate Let Helix rate something. h!rate <args>/@user
h!rate life
h!rate @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
weather Displays weather information about the specified location. h!weather <location>
h!weather New York
No Aliases.

Economy Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
balance Check your balance. h!balance @user
h!balance @TeXusAK
daily Get your daily money. h!daily No Aliases.
pay Give a specified amount of money to the mentioned user. h!pay @user <amount>
h!pay @TeXusAK 666

Roleplay Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
baka Make the mentioned user a baka. h!baka @user
h!baka @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
bite Bite the mentioned user. h!bite @user
h!bite @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
cuddle Cuddle the mentioned user. h!cuddle @user
h!cuddle @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
highfive Highfive the mentioned user. h!highfive @user
h!highfive @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
hug Hug the mentioned user. h!hug @user
h!hug @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
kill Kill the mentioned user. h!kill @user
h!kill @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
kiss Kiss the mentioned user. h!kiss @user
h!kiss @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
pat Pat the mentioned user. h!pat @user
h!pat @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
poke Poke the mentioned user. h!poke @user
h!poke @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
smack Smack the mentioned user. h!smack @user
h!smack @TeXusAK
smug Smug the mentioned user. h!smug @user
h!smug @TeXusAK
No Aliases.
tickle Tickle the mentioned user. h!tickle @user
h!tickle @TeXusAK
No Aliases.

Moderation Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
announce Make an announcement in an embed format. h!announce <args>
h!announce Welcome to our server!
ban Ban the mentioned user. h!ban @user <reason>
h!ban @TeXusAK Broke the #2 rule.
No Aliases.
channeltopic Set the current channel topic to whatever you want. h!channeltopic <args>
h!channeltopic Be active in this channel.
No Aliases.
createcategory Create a new category. h!createcategory <args>
h!createcategory RULES
createtext Create a new text-channel. h!createtext <args>
h!createtext lounge
createvoice Create a new voice-channel. h!createvoice <args>
h!createvoice MUSIC
demote Demote the mentioned user from the specified role. h!demote @user <roleName>
h!demote @TeXusAK Moderator
No Aliases.
hackban Ban a user ID that is not in the server. h!ban <userID>
h!hackban 254708528718020610
kick Kick the mentioned user. h!kick @user <reason>
h!kick @TeXusAK Spamming too much.
No Aliases.
lockdown Lock-down the current chat. h!lockdown <time>
h!lockdown 5m
No Aliases.
mute Mute the mentioned user. h!mute @user <time> <reason>
h!mute @TeXusAK 1h Spamming emojis
No Aliases.
poll Make a poll. h!poll <args>
h!poll Do you want more economy commands?
No Aliases.
promote Promote the mentioned user to a specified role. h!promote @user <roleName>
h!promote @TeXusAK Moderator
No Aliases.
purge Purge an amount of messages. h!purge <amount>
h!purge 50
say Make Helix say something. h!say <args>
h!say I'm writting from Helix Bot.
softban Softban the mentioned user. h!softban @user <reason>
h!softban @TeXusAK Raiding
No Aliases.
unhackban Unban a user that it's not in the server. h!unhackban <userID>
h!unhackban 254708528718020610
unmute Umute the mentioned user. h!unmute @user
h!unmute @TeXusAK
No Aliases.

Configuration Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
add-role Add a specific role to the self-role list. h!add-role <roleName>
h!add-role VIP
autorole Set an auto-role for the server. h!autorole <roleName>
h!autorole Members
No Aliases.
modlog Set the server's mod-log channel. h!modlog <#channel>
h!modlog #modlogs
No Aliases.
setprefix Set a new bot prefix. h!setprefix <newPrefix>
h!setprefix !
No Aliases.
remove-role Remove a role from the assignable roles list. h!remove-role <roleName>
h!remove-role VIP
No Aliases.

Welcome Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
setchannel Set the channel for welcome/leave messages. h!setchannel <#channel>
h!setchannel #join-leave
No Aliases.
welmsg Set the server welcoming message. h!welmsg Welcome {user} to {servername}. We have {membercount} members!

Available Tags :

{user} - mention the user.
{servername} - tells the server name.
{membercount} - show the member count of the server.
byemsg Set the leave message for the server. h!byemsg {user} left {servername}. We have {membercount} members!

Available Tags :

{user} - mention the user.
{servername} - tells the server name.
{membercount} - show the member count of the server.
dmwelcome Set the DM Welcome message for the server. h!dmwelcome Welcome {user} to {servername}. We have {membercount} members!

Available Tags :

{user} - mention the user.
{servername} - tells the server name.
{membercount} - show the member count of the server.

Info Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
help Gets a list of commands or specific command help. h!help - h!help <commandName>
h!help avatar
No Aliases.
botinfo Shows information about the bot. h!botinfo No Aliases.
serverinfo Shows information about the guild. h!serverinfo No Aliases.
roleinfo Get information about a role. h!roleinfo <roleName>
h!roleinfo Members
No Aliases.
userinfo Shows information about the mentioned user. h!userinfo @user
h!userinfo @TeXusAK
serverid Tells the current server ID. h!serverid No Aliases.
createinvite Create a permanent invite to the server. h!createinvite createinv
myid Tells your account ID. h!myid No Aliases.
avatar Get user avatar. h!avatar @user
h!avatar @TeXusAK
invite Shows info about how to add Helix to your server. h!invite botinvite
channelinfo Get information about the current channel. h!channelinfo cinfo

GameStats Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
osu Get information on a user's stats on osu! h!osu <osuUserName> <osuMode>
h!osu TeXusAK o

Available Modes :

o - osu! standard. Tap, slide, and spin to the beat.
t - osu! taiko. Drum, and roll the taiko drumroll to the beat
c - osu! catch. Collect falling fruits by moving the catcher with a plate.
m - osu! mania. Make the notes play a melody of the beat.
owstats Get information on a user's stats on overwatch!


h!owstats <overwatchUserName#overwatchTag>
h!owstats Viol2t#3893

NSFW Commands

Command Description Example Aliases
anal Posts an anal gif/image.
NSFW Channel
h!anal No Aliases.
blowjob Posts a blowjob image/gif.
NSFW Channel
h!blowjob No Aliases.
boobs Posts a boobs image/gif.
NSFW Channel
h!boobs No Aliases.
hentai Posts a hentai gif/image.
NSFW Channel
h!hentai No Aliases.
lesbian Posts a lesbian image/gif.
NSFW Channel
h!lesbian No Aliases.
hentai Posts a hentai gif/image.
NSFW Channel
h!hentai No Aliases.
lewd Posts a lewd image/gif.
NSFW Channel
h!lewd No Aliases.
neko Posts a neko gif/image.
NSFW Channel
h!neko No Aliases.
porn Posts a porn gif/image.
NSFW Channel
h!porn No Aliases.
pussygif Posts a pussy gif.
NSFW Channel
h!pussygif No Aliases.
pussypic Posts a pussy image.
NSFW Channel
h!pussypic No Aliases.
trap Posts a trap image/gif.
NSFW Channel
h!trap No Aliases.