Helix Bot

Helix is a constantly evolving multitool bot capable of handling all your servers needs.

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Some of the Helix's features!

Easy set-up

Helix is really easy to set-up and has a simple configuration. You don't need to be an expert to understand how to use Helix.


You can make Helix customizable as you want. You can disable most of the commands! We try our best to make it more configurable.


We use a really strong VPS to make Helix faster and bigger. The current uptime can go from 99.92% to 99.99%. You shouldn't have any problem!

What more can you do with Helix?

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Entertain yourself and your server.

You are bored and need something funny to do? Don't worry, Helix will bring the fun that you need to your server and your users! There are other 50 entertainment commands that can boost your mood up!

We are adding more and more entertainment commands to keep Helix a funny bot!

Scheduling when you want

You can schedule with Helix everything you want.

You have an important event that you don't want to forget? Don't worry Helix will be always there to help you to schedule your events! Just with a simple command your event will be scheduled and the bot will notify you when the time comes!


Realtime Roleplay

Interact with the persons that you want.

You want to hug a person really bad? Don't worry, Helix will be there to help you when you are in need of a hug. With our roleplay commands you can hug,kiss,cuddle etc the person that you want to make them feel comfortable!

Helix has around 17 roleplay commands and we are still bringing more commands!


Get known by having gucci objects.

You aren't rich in real life? Don't worry, you can become rich with Helix wearing gucci clothes like a big boi ;)

We are constantly updating our economy module and adding a lot of new commands to be able to make more money and to be able to gamble them.


Configurable Welcome/Leave message

With Helix bot you can set-up a welcome/leave/dm welcome message. It's pretty easy! Just take a look in the gif near this text.


Auto-Role System

With Helix bot you can set-up an autorole. Every new user that will join will get the role you specified.


Mod-Log Events

With Helix bot you can set-up a mod-log channel. The bot will log some events such as edited messages,deleted message and more. It will also log some commands such as ban/kick/etc.

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I have some issues with the bot

If you have some issues with the bot and you can't manage to fix them then you should join the support server and ask for help there. We have a pretty active and friendly community that can always help you with any problem. Click Here to join in the support server!

What does this bot offer?

The Helix bot will bring the protection and fun to your server that you need, my goal is to provide fun and maintain security for your discord server. Helix bot has features that can bring fun to your server as well for members to interact with one another and have fun.

I want do donate, where can I do that?

I appreciate all the donations I receive from everyone. All the donations goes in the Helix bot. If you want to donate only 1 time, click Here. If you want to be a monthly donator, then click Here. Thanks a lot to everyone that decides to donate!

What are Helix's statistics?